Implementing quality and food safety standards in manufacturing for consistent quality and safe product delivery. Driving continuous Improvement program in supply chain, set and achieve improvement targets for reduction in product quality defects and thereby improve customer & consumer satisfaction by implementing adequate consumer and customer interface.

Key Responsibilities/Work Areas:

The role of QA is to provide robust systems & act as independent lead check / audit to production and supply chain organization in terms of :
Food safety system
• Drive implementation of Good manufacturing practices in manufacturing
• Review HACCP plans with periodic risk assessments
• Food Regulatory and artwork management protocol.

Consumer and customer interface

• Contact management (consumer complaint handling)
• Trade survey to evaluate delivered product quality and feedback sessions with consumer, shopper and customer to evaluate satisfaction.
Continuous improvement in product quality

• Identify major product quality defects impacting customer satisfaction thru trend analysis
• Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, review continuous improvement plans
Quality measurement, reporting and planned quality improvement with Quality Roadmap.

• Reporting of quality related issues, non-conformances for resolution and prevention of recurrence.
• Planned quality merit index for major brands
Implement supplier approval protocol

• Supplier performance monitoring, Liaoning with procurement for driving improvement
• New supplier approval procedure
New installations, product change/ improvement management

• Implement set of qualification programs in supply chain.
• Ensure thorough risk assessment for any new project/ process lin. 

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